Some things about us.

Webshare Solutions is fronted by Nik Keefe. Nik does a bit of everything – he has a music degree, was a Secondary Physics teacher, has worked in IT and the web for over 15 years and has a bit of an addiction to coffee. He loves building websites and enjoys the challenge of optimising a Google Adwords campaign. He’s been running Webshare Solutions since 2010.

With our roots in the Education and Small Business sectors, we really care about how technology, and the web in particular, gets used.  Most people’s experience of keep a website or VLE up-to-date are that it’s too complicated and they resent the time and/or money they’re spending on it.

We think there are lots of software engineers out there coming up with ‘great new ideas’ and lots of tech fans out there who get excited about them.  But for those of us who just want to get on with what we’re best at, a ‘great new idea’ usually means ‘a more complicated way of doing things’.  And we aren’t big fans of that.

Our three directors all have current experience of teaching in the state education system – they are busy and they’ve seen a few excitable salesmen come and go.  Webshare Solutions wouldn’t exist if we didn’t think we had something different to offer.

Our team

Within our board of directors and team of technical experts we have a wide range of expertise.  We have some of the brightest and most relevant graphic designers in the region. We have teachers of various subjects, including heads of department and SLT members, and we also have vast experience of retail, e-commerce and working in the ICT sector.

We believe that our range of experience is what makes us effective designers of web and technology solutions for the real world.  Contact us and see what we can do for you.


I have set up three or four web sites before, each time it has been hard work and taken a lot longer than we expected, this time I sat down with Nik from Webshare Solutions for a couple of hours and we were away. It was easy, I understood how it would work, what was needed …. and with the minimum of effort on my part, just one month later I am sat at my laptop flicking through exactly the sort of website I have always wanted! — Duncan Stow, n:fuse gap year project