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Whether you are in the education sector amidst funding cuts or working to maintain an edge above your commercial competitors, Webshare Solutions can help you make sense of the web.

The Learning Zone

For schools and colleges we can dramatically increase engagement with the use of the web and other technologies in your teaching and learning.  Visit the online demo of our web-based learning solution, The Learning Zone.  We can even tie it in with a new school website, and all at a fraction of the cost of some unwieldy VLEs.

Our Business Services division continues to work with businesses and not-for-profit organisations who want their website to work harder for them when traditional publicity mechanisms are grinding to a halt.

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I have set up three or four web sites before, each time it has been hard work and taken a lot longer than we expected, this time I sat down with Nik from Webshare Solutions for a couple of hours and we were away. It was easy, I understood how it would work, what was needed …. and with the minimum of effort on my part, just one month later I am sat at my laptop flicking through exactly the sort of website I have always wanted! — Duncan Stow, n:fuse gap year project, http://nfuse.org.uk